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Black or White piano lacquer with 120 tea sachets
Contents: 5 tea sachets each of 24 varieties in a smart black piano lacquer presentation box.
The smart presentation box with its piano lacquer (synthetic resin) finish has twelve compartments with space for 120 Sirocco tea sachets. The lid features a logo embossed in gold both on the outside and the inside. The lid closes snugly and softly. The sachet compartments are lined in soft ecru-colored Alcantara.
Ideal as a gift or for the breakfast buffet. This elegant box would also grace any conference table or look good in the staff kitchen.

Material: Synthetic resin (outside), Alcantara (inside)
Weight: 1.9 kg
Size: Width: 35.5 cm, Height: 10.2 cm, Depth: 24.2 cm